Monday, July 21, 2008

Mummy 3 Preview Clips

Brendan Fraser has to face Jet Li in The Mummy Tomb of The Dragon Emperor, the third opus of the Mummy movie series.

Here below some preview clips of the Mummy 3:

Here we go again.
Rick O'Connell (Brendan fraser) and company witness Emperor Han come to life.

Riding Mummy Horses.
Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) is ridding mummy horses at a gallop.

Fasten seatbelts!
The crew of passengers must hold on during a bumpy snow landing.

Tomb fight.
Alex O'Connell (Luke Ford) gets help from a yeti.

The shapeshifter.
Emperor Han (Jet Li) demonstrating his shapeshifting ability, transforming into a mythical beast to attack Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) and his son Alex (Luke Ford).

Emperor Han who just transformed into a three-headed dragon takes Lin as his prisoner.

Crouching Tiger
Emperor Han (Jet Li) exchanges blows with Zijuan (the aging but still beautiful Michelle Yeoh)

The Terracotta warriors under the control of the Dragon Emperor (Jet Li) attack Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) and his wife Evelyn (Maria Bello).

That's a movie I will enjoy to watch for sure! The Mummy 3 looks great: even the Terra Cotta army rocks!